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Natural Housebuilders constructs high-performance, green homes in Montana's Missoula and Bitterroot Valleys. We are building to the world's most stringent energy building standard, Passivhaus. This standard is 85% better than the current standards.

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A Passivhaus' thicker walls make for comfort and efficiency, cats love them too.

You will see, in our homes, much thicker walls, tripane windows, fresh air mechanical systems with heat and moisture recovery, and solar hydronic hot water collectors that heat radiant floors from the sun.

We build super tight homes – performance tested using blower doors and infared cameras. For fresh air and moisture control, our homes typically use a heat recovery ventilator.

Our homes consume a fraction of the energy that an average home uses. A 2,500 sq. ft. home built by Natural Housebuilders needs only 25,000 BTU's for heat per hour compared with 70,000 BTU's needed by an average home at 10 below zero.

Energy and resource efficiency begin with good design. Please contact me, Terry Davenport, for more information.

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